Mark Levinson ML3 vs Sansui BA5000

Is Sansui ans good as ML? Or, are they in different leagues?
Both were popular in mid 70s and early 80s, and both of them are hard to come by. Good working ones seem to fetch around $3000~4000.
I have two sets of speakers: Main is Apogee Diva, Tyler Linbrook signature systems (one piece) is used as spare.

My main amp is Plinius SA 102. Any idea of how good Plinius is compared to Sansui and ML?
Recently one of my audio friends told me to get a REAL amp, like Mark Levinson ML2, or ML3 for more power.
So, I would assume that ML is a much better ones according to him, and it triggered me and I am thinking of ML.
I also have  Sansui BA5000 with some defects. I wonder how good Sansui is compared to ML3. If just as good, I would rather fix it and stick to it. Or, I might go for ML. 

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I have had many amps over the years.  The BA5000 was Sansui's answer to the McIntosh MC2300.  They spec'd out nearly identical.  My MC2300 was a way better amp than my Mark Levinson ML2's.
That is probably due the the speakers that I was driving at the time, which were power hungry EPI 1000's.
I loved all my many many amps at one time or another, but now I have settled in on the sweet vintage sound of Sansui.  To me, and that is what matters it just sounds 'right'.  I am not saying it's the best sound stage, or imaging, or power that I've had, but I notice that when using my Sansui I listen to the music and not to the gear.  I used to call myself an audiophile, now I call myself a music lover.  Much of my high priced gear just didn't do it for me in the long run.
If you have a BA5000, by all means have a compentent Sansui guru get it up to spec and then keep it.  Having head many of them, I can tell you that witout question it is one of the most musical amps you'll ever experience.  No matter the volume, the music will be effortless, and you should never want for more power.

Trust your ears and your tastes and forget everyone else.  Do what it takes to enjoy the music, because that is what its all about.


Great advice Norman. 
Thanks for the comments.