Mark Levinson ML1 pre and Audio Research d100

Looking to replace my Mark Levinson ML1 preamp and Audio research d100. I Am looking for an integrated that will sound just as good if not better with as little out of pocket after I sell these two pieces. I want something newer that is used 90% for music playback. Have a NAD 502 that believe it or not replaced my Wadia/Theta transport/DAC with no real downside in sound. Anyone have an Idea what I could expect to sell the Levinson or Audio research for? Thanks!!
No one knows an an answer to this?
I can't speak to the ARC amp, though I did own a D125
a few years back. The ML1 is an excellent preamp. If
in excellent/near mint condition you might get $1000
for it. I think I sold mine to a gentleman in Japan for
about $900 a few years back. Frankly, I don't know if
you'll get better sound from an integrated. You might
condider the Levinson 383.
Thanks. I figure that since these components are fairly old, technology has to have caught up!! Do you have a take on the Meridian integrated, Musical Fidelity or Arcam integrateds? They all seem to be in the ballpark price wise.