mark levinson lnc-2 crossover tuning: help needed

hi does anyone have experience with tuning the lnc-2 crossover?

each channel has 2 knobs for high and low with position 0-9 for tuning.

i understand that it serves to get a balanced sound

however i'm not sure how to start, ie fix 1 knob at 0, 5 or 9 and tune the other knob, or try to tune both knobs together?

any expert who has experience please kindly advise

You don't turn the outer dials - they turn by themselves as you turn the inner dials.

Open the locking lever (push up ) and turn the inner dials clockwise until full stop.
This is ten turns, which is the least attentuation.
Leave the least efficient drivers at this level ( Typically the bass ) and then turn down ( counterclockwise ) the mid/high knob until the sound is balanced.

Do this on one channel at a time in Mono mode to start, and then listen to the same source in Stereo to make fine adjustments.

After it's balanced the way you like, push down the locking levers to keep the settings.

What speakers /amps are your using this with?