Mark Levinson Linking

Does any one else use the Linking features on ML products? If so, what models are you linking together?
What problems have you encountered with linking you ML unit?

I am currently linking a No. 380s to a No.390s into a No 32.
Works pretty well--however it does seem to glich sometimes.

I use a #32, to a 360s, to 31.5 to 436 amps. The system works great but does have some glitches at times. You should plug things into the wall in this order Transport, DAC, Preamp,Amps. Be sure to unplug everything for a minute or two. Be sure to wait until each unit powers up completly before powering up the next unit.
If one unit becomes out of sync, use the standyby button to toggle the components on and off a few times along with the volume control and this usually get everything back in sync.
Good luck, you have a fine soundsystem.