Mark Levinson - how to fix white logo paint that has peeled away?

Hey all,
I have a Mark Levinson unit - see the photo.
See how the white logo paint has peeled away?  Does anyone know how I might fix this so it doesn't look like a bodge?
Are the letters grooved into the front of the unit?
I think that I would try getting some paint that I could thin out enough so that it runs a bit, then set the amp so that the face is horizontal with the ground and dab it in with a something a bit smaller then the groove (pin/needle).
There are paint sticks such as this that are designed specifically for filling in engraved lettering or lines.
Levinson used General Motors paint I was once told by one of their company reps.  I don't recall the exact name of the white, but he said that it was the purest white paint that they had found at that time.  Call Levinson and ask!
Yes, if you plan to do it yourself call ML and get the exact paint color. White is very hard to match and even slightly off will look worse than it is now IMO.
I used to sell and mix custom paint colors and there are a thousand different shades of white.  Each one had little bits of yellow, black, red...
Whatever it took to get the desired shade.  You will never match it exactly without knowing the precise paint code.  That said, I would leave it alone.  Just tell people you have a Mark Levinsor amplifier.  
Even if you found the right white, the paint on the amp would probably discolored after all of these years. It would likely be unnoticeable though. Just put the thin paint in the trough carefully with a pin as another said. 
If it is a water based paint you could also quickly wipe off any that strayed outside of the trough.

Or, and I know this is going to sound weird, but find a guy who collects and paints miniature soldiers. I have a friend who does this and what he can do with a paint brush is unbelievable.
I'm impressed with all the replies, thank you guys.
I called Levinson, they don't manufacture a new face plate anymore, I considered that a solution.
The miniature soldier suggestion was pretty good, ha ha. 

The microdabber suggestion was the best one. If I spread the new paint to blend with the original, then whatever minor shade difference would blend in.
I feel like if I try to re-paint it, it will never look right.  I showed the pre to several people and not a single one noticed the missing part of the logo. They just had a mental map of how it should look and it seemed perfect.
Anyway thanks all.