Mark Levinson HF-2.5C speaker wire

I just moved to Prescott,AZ and a new house. I am trying to improve the poor acoustics and sound in my living room by putting carpet over the wood laminate flooring & moving the speakers so they play into the length of the room rather than across the width of the room. This means that I have to increase the length of the wire used for the left speaker. Unfortunately the Acarian Systems Alon 4 speakers are tri wired. Right now the system uses the wires listed above. I would like to find the same wire in used condition if possible. The option would be to just wire the entire system in14 guage Monster cable. I would need about 141 feet. I wonder if I did the latter would I hear any difference in the sound by using an inferior wire?
FYI, Not necessary to tri-wire. Bi-wire (split tweeter and mid-bass) will give the most benefit. Then use a quality jumper from midrange post to bass post.
Another alternative is using a single wire to start (and jumpers to the other posts). If this doesn't satisfy, add another run and see if things improve. 
There is no such thing as an "inferior" wire! Buy the cheapest Kimber cable and stop obsessing! 
141 feet of 14 ga wire, wondering about sound quality. Good one. "mark levinson" snicker. Good one.