Mark Levinson 512 CD Player

I hear great and horrible things about this player. sounds GREAT and reliability is HORRIBLE. I am considering buying one used at this time and would like to hear from 512 Owners what their experience has been, sound wise and reliability wise. Also, it seems vague as to which Esoteric drive has been utilized in this player. Does anyone know?

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Great query- Bill.

I, too, am interested in the No. 512 spinner.
Heard the 512.  Bought a Krell 505 and now have a Cipher...otherworldly musical reproduction and zero issues with either units.  A Cipher can be had new from Highperformancestereo for $7999 wt full 5 yr warranty!
I auditioned a 512 and have to admit it sounded pretty awesome.  I might have purchased it, but it didn't have some features I wanted for the retail price.  I understand that most of the issues with the 512 were with the grounding and it has been resolved, but Harmon customer service remains questionable from what I hear.  Not sure what Esoteric drive is used in it, sorry.  I saw a used one for sale from a shop offering a 90 day warranty for $4,888 which is pretty reasonable for the performance.
TY- Greg and dave_b

between the ML, Esoteric and Krell- those are some serious spinners!
Happy Listening!

besides the price what is/are the difference(s) on the Krell 505 & Cipher?
Which one is better on SACD?

You are the only person, that I am aware,  whom has owned both players.

did you get a demo on this player?

What are the grounding issues with the 512.  If I buy a used one, is this something I need to look for?

Does the 512 play "burned" discs with  Wav files?

I have not read anything on ML gear having  a grounding issue?
Hopefully, one of the guys here will see this post and provide more intel.