Mark Levinson 5000 series vs 500 series

Hello Everyone, I’m currently running a Macintosh mc-452 power amp mated with a c53 preamp. Running an mct-500 transport Panasonic ub-9000 DVD player. Running KEF Blade speakers. Recently I auditioned Mark Levinson 5206 preamp and two 5306 amps bridged mono through some blades. A different sound indeed, but not a total fair comparison due to cables and set up. My real question is that I didn’t get to audition the 500 series. Is there that much of a difference in performance vs price between the two as the price is significantly higher on the 500 preamp. The amps are a wash as I need two to have the power from the Mac. Obviously I would not make a move without home auditioning as this by no means is a cheap proposition and the current system performs. Also looking for experiences with both brands and models from a build and reliability standpoint. As always everyone will have their preference to the sonics. I have not owned Mark Levinson before and I know that a lot of you have much experience with both. Also running audio quest cables. Thank you in advance for your opinions and experiences. The pursuit never dies! Regards Greg 858😎😎


Are you talking about a 536 amp?

I would be looking at acoustics first then cables then amp or preamp. Your root gear Mac is as neutral as they come. Save your money. You really want to change the sound quality change the room acoustics.. Tune a little with good cables and understand a crappy source is a crappy source. The last 15-20 years of Mac are pretty neutral with most pretty flat measuring speakers. They still have tone control, thank God. I wouldn't own a preamp without it. 

I'd say your spending money on a step down, not up in versatility and side ways at best in SQ. I like Mac.

MLs, I've owned a few. Krells too! :-I < that is my stone face! I can make them work. Just like aspirin for a toothache. It's a patch...