mark levinson 436. heard them yet?

I was curious if anyone has heard these new monoblocks from Levinson yet. I'm doing a serious overhaul of my system & I'm really considering getting 3 of these along with a Proceed hpa-2 amp. I will also be getting the Revel Ultima systems with the Salons, Voice & Embrace along with 2 REL Stadium II's, Transparent super speaker cables & interconnects. Any feedback on these amps & any of the other items I have listed would be greatly appreciated. I understand the 436's are supposed to sound better than the 336 which would be great. jon
Couldn't swing the Levinson amps, but I did get the HPA2 and Transparent "super" IC's and Bi-wire. The hpa is a great amp and more than enough power for Martin Logan Aerius which really isn't much of a load. I auditioned in the store with Aerial 10t's cranked pretty loud and it still didn't sound like it was running out of power.(I listen to mostly rock) Over all I have been very happy with Transparent and Proceed products and do not have any regrets. With the components you have listed you should end up with a really outstanding system, hope you enjoy!
yes they are better than 336, sounds like an awesome system, my suggestion minimum of ulra xl cables,sonic diff with the equipment will be great. I have all transparent ref xl was worth the money , running big levinson with ml statements, monolith rear and theater ref center along with two rel studio two subs, these subs cant be beat, all the rel subs work well. I really like the revel line of speakers , maybe in the future I will set up another room with them.
Hotrod, would ultra be overkill for CJ pv10a, HPA2, Cal audio Ikon MKII, Sony s9000es, ML aerius system?? I have thought about upgrading but maybe the money would be better spent elsewhere?
Jon...the same question was asked by Tom_Munro on 12/ might want to check with him....additionally, however, I took delivery of a pair of 436's in mid December...they replaced a Krell FPB 200...I have found them to be very detailed, yet musical and absolutely effortless. I believe they have made my music (Dynaudio Confidence 5 speakers) much more dynamic and the bass is more pronounced and controlled...I have heard 33h's on several occations and, from memory (which is always suspect), they have a very similar sound....I am very happy with the 436's...
no money , I would invest in a ps300 powerplant with multiwave first , then step up to ultra xl, both steps will be big improvements in your system. The power plant really improved my front end 31.6 30.6 levinson, really brings out the soundstage with electrostatics, Im sure your gear will see an improvement, and your gear is difinately high caliber, mike, hotrod.
Hotrod, I'm going to start with the Super xl's first & may upgrade in a year or so. I'm pretty maxed out on my budget. Equipment was ordered today (:
Thanks hotrod, I currently use power wedge 116 but have been eyeballing a ps300 or for the possible next upgrade. Would the ps300 be able to handle the amp load or would a dedicated 20amp line be better. Thanks in advance.