Mark Levinson 434 's enough power for N804???

Im pretty close to buying a pair of used ML 434 mono-Blocs.
They are rated at 125w@8ohms,Is that enough power for the
Nautilus 804s?????

Im using a pair of B&K 220m Monos(250w@8ohms)ran Balanced
with Kimber select KS-1111 now.(I know not in same Class)
For about the same price I can get a used ML 336.
I mostly listen to Jazz,at moderate levels.(never Loud)
What do you guys think?

Alpha3 - FWIW, if you're concerned about the power, I used a Krell KST-100 (100 wpc) for about a year with N804's. They were plenty powerful enough for me, also listening to jazz, lite rock, some classical at low to moderate levels. Unfortunately, I know very little of the ML's. Do they double their power into 4 ohms? If so, it's likely they would be fine.
I think it should be nice.....given the fact you're not listening to heavy metal :)
I'd say get the 336. It's an amazing amplifier... mine is driving a pair of equally power hungry Aerial 10T's.

Best purchase I've made (after the 10T's). Just check the serial number and call Levinson - if they haven't had the caps done (assuming they have a SN prior to 2070) I'd negotiate on price a bit. Per LEvinson from SN 2071 and up the caps shouldn't be an issue.

The re-capping is about $1k. That being said I still highly recommend the 336.
Hello Jim,
Thanks for that info on the ML336 serial numbers.