Mark Levinson 432 vs 532 vs 532H

Can anyone tell me the main difference in sound from these?
I have heard 532H at home, and I loved the sound, but I wonder if 432 is a better buy for the same price?
Still interested in getting the 532H or 533H to pair with my new Aerial 7Ts...
I own a ML 336 and I must say that that series of amp is the Worst amps ML ever built . I had it over 20 years and nothing but headaches !  So so sound maybe a little soft or tube like , it's dark typical ML sound . If you like to listen for long periods you risk blowing the amp . The last time it died I got fed up and decided to move on . Someone I knew was raving about the 532 H and that it has a very cool surprise . There was one for sale and the person selling it knew I was sceptical about ML and let me try it for a few weeks . This amp , the 532 H is  very strange, the first hour of listening is exactly typical ML sound and yes it's fast , bass is nice same sound as the  ml 336 maybe faster? Really not much difference one way or the other they  are close . The second hour the amp completely changes sound ! It just gives more ! More everything ! The first time I heard this I thought it was my speakers but speakers don't do that . Then I thought it was my source . Then I read a review of this amp and  in the review that the amp just goes into an other gear the longer you listen . Some say this is the best amp  ML ever built . I can say that if you like listening to music for long periods this is could be the best ML  amp you will ever own and that includes their flag ship amps . 
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Hi Brad ,
 I gave WYWH a listen on  my Beyerdynamic   head phone amp and T1 headphones just to give my self a reference . Then I listen on my 532 H and 380 s  with Dynaudio c 4 and I can honestly say dynamics was a very big  wow ! My headphones and headphone amp are pretty darn good too but not the same . I am very surprised that someone sold you a new 532 h considering how long it's been discontinued . I hope you got a good deal . That said I love this amp and I owned the ML 336 for 20 years and still have it but the 532 h is my go to amp. Maybe the amp you bought  is a defect, if it is you won't be happy . My 336 is a pain to fix and I find that it has not been the same for the last few years  also ML out sources repairs   also could be a pain . Good luck I hope things work out . 
Accidentally deleted my post somehow, basically it talked about my 532H lacking bass and dynamics. (from 11/21/2020)

Thanks jaccli6. 

It was sold used/open box, I picked it up for $3,200 +shipping and tax. I feel I got a great deal on what turned out to be a new 532H. I am also ecstatic that it is under warranty, I didn't think it was. It was sold from Harmon to the dealer I bought it from in Feb 2020. It had only been taken out of the box for bench testing at the dealer, it was in perfect cosmetic shape. I even got the gloves. Hopefully it doesn't suffer any damage in shipping...

Some have asked if maybe I just don't like its sound, but the more I think about it, it is so far out of the range that pretty much all SS amps fall into (sound wise), there has to be something wrong with it. Waiting to here back from LA service center.