Mark Levinson 432 vs. 336

Has anyone compared these two yet??
I'm not sure either.. but I've already bought the ML432. I'm not disappointed at all though. The 432 needs a few hundred hours before really performing at it's best so any comparison will have to happen with a really "burnt-in" 432 vs an already "burnt-in" 336.

Any feedback, I'd also like to hear.
i had a ml332 and replaced it with a ml432. my amp has about 350 hours on it and i can tell you that imo it blows away the 332. i use it bi-wired on B@w 801 nautilus speakers a hard load to drive and it sounds great.
That's great to hear! I haven't found any reviews on the ML432 as yet. But from what I've been hearing in the industry is that the 432 is more powerful (true) & sounds better than the 336. Well, Madrigal did design it to replace the 336. I am very happy with mine. My dealer says, next step up is the ML33H or the Gryphon Antileon Signature stereo's or Mono's ..if you have the $$$$$
Just want to keep the post going, have anyone comparing the two side by side.
has anyone else compared this amp? or these two amps and with problems with levinson i don't know if i want one? I am looking maybe to buy one and would like any input on the .432 thanks
anymore responces?
Owned a new 432 for 2 months following my awesome #336. DID not like it at all!!! Krell's FPB700cx totally demolished the 432 in my system (ML380S, 390S, B&W Nautilus 802's, Valhalla cables). Was so impressed by the Krell amp that I've upgraded my front-end to a Krell KPS25sc with Siltech CAST cables.
I've heard the 432 and 336 side by side for extended periods. The 336 is head and shoulders above the 432 in almost every sonic category. In my opinion, the 4 series amps are simply a Proceed amp with a Levinson faceplate; hence the much lower price compared to the 3 series amps. Anyone noticed how similar the interior of the 4 series amps are compared to the Proceed; the exterior as well? Believe me, the 4 series amps sound like the Proceeds as well. For theater - great; for the discerning two - channel enthusiast - avoid the 4 series at all costs.
The 432 is very sensitive to power supply. I use it with B&W 802s and the 390S as CD/Pre. After run-in of more than 350 hours, I found the sound disappointing and wanted to change the amp. Learnt about the importance of power supply, and after installing a dedicated spur to a passive line filter and a quality heavy gauge shielded power cable, the result was astonishing! I don’t plan to change the 432 any more and instead have experienced this amp to deliver a truly exceptional performance with remarkable precision. I’ve heard other systems that are more expensive but sonically were inferior.
I recently upgraded from a 334 to a 432 and couldn't be happier. Stunning bass with smoothness elsewhere not usually found at 400W/channel. Quite sensitive to power source, cable and front end. Krell dealers hate 'em.
I had a 336 and never compared it to a 432, but tried it against Parasound JC-1's. With my Soundlab M1 speakers, the JC-1's would be my amps of choice, and at $4k less than the MSRP of the 336.

If your tied to SS, the Parasound's are tough act to beat, especially at there price point.
I have owned both, but not able to do a side by side comparison, nor in identical systems.

What I can say is the 432 is a very good power amp. As others have said before a dedicated spur will bring dramatic (positive) benefits.

The 432 is also much easier to live with as it weighs significantly less!

Current system is LP12 39/32/432 into Revel Studios.