Mark Levinson 431 or Ayre V-5X?

Does anybody have any experience comparing the two amplifiers? My speakers are B&W Silver Signature 25. I have narrowed by choice down to these two, so if we could keep the discussion focused here that would be great. I would also mate the amps with the appropriate pre amp (either the K-1X or the 380s).

Thanks for the help!
Ayre makes some pretty nice equipment. However, there is a caveat or benefits of sorts with every one of their components.

They use some special patent pending ayre-conditioner (AC line conditioner) and have been since 1998. Some claim it works well.

If you've already attempted to address line conditioning in your installation, then you need to listen very carefully for what the doubling up of line conditioning (different types at that) may be doing sonically.

Personally, I would not buy any product where the mfg'er has attempted to condition the AC internally. But that's me.

The V-5x is my favorite solid state amp under $6k. I use it in my reference system. Within it's power, matched with the right components, the V-5x is very difficult to beat sonically. And if I were looking for an amp to best it, I would not be going to ML gear.

The great thing about Ayre gear is that it sounds best plugged straight into the wall. I have had the opportunity to own and demo a number of their pieces and none of them sounded best plugged into ANY AC aftermaket product. Power cords do make a big difference with Ayre gear though depending on which ones you use, Ayre gear can sound absolutely amazing to so-so.

Feel free to email me, and we can discuss this further.

I've got the v-5x powering Revel Studios. I'm relatively new to this hobby but have demoed it against Plinius and Conrad Johnson equipment and my ears drove me to choose the Ayre. The Revels are a power hungry speaker and I crank them with no loss of definition. I've never heard the 431, but I'm sure someone on here knows all about it. Good luck in your search.
Ayre v5X is very good amp under $5k but, don't waisting
your time & $$$$$ to chasing the same level equidment, try
to audition burmester 911MK3 as soon as possible. You won't
be disappointed.
Krell is a better match to your speakers...