Mark Levinson 38S vs 380

I bought a pair of ML-434 mono-blocs this week.
Now I would like to upgrade to a ML pre-amp.
Im going to buy used here on Audiogon.
I would like to know which is the better pre-amp between
the 38S and the 380.
I understand that the 380S is the best of the series,
but its out of my price range at this time.
I know that the 38S is better than the 38,but with the 380
being newer that the 38S, IS IT BETTER???????
Pre-Amp: Adcom gfp-750
Amps: Mark Levinson 434s
Dac: Theta Pro-Basic IIIa
Transport:Theta Pearl
Cables: Kimber Select KS-1120(pre to amp)
KS-1111(source to pre)
Kimber Orchid(XLR dig)
Your GFP-750 is good in passive mode. A bit harsh actively.
I had one in a second system. I picked up a 380S to replace it. No comparison. Why not save up for a while and just get a 380S. There's a reason these always sell quickly here. Get what you really want and be done with it.


Paul :-)
Thanks for the sound advice,but between the 38S and
380 which closer to the 380S.
Also is the New 320S better than the 380S?
The new Levinson line is quite good. I havent had the 320 or 326 home so I cannot comment on better.

The 38S and 380 I have no experience with, so not much help to you there, sorry.


Paul :-)
I have not owned either but the 380 is suppossed to better because of the circuit board used in it. Much more expensive and I can't remember what it is made of right now. Monday morning blahs I Go to and read some reviews. That should help.
Actually, why not save up for a bit longer even and get the new 326s.
I own the 38s and LOVE IT. 
The 38s is better than the 38. The 380 is better than the 38 , The 38s is better than the 380. The 380s is better than the 38s