Mark Levinson 383 + 390s - How to improve?

I am looking at upgrading / improving on my current 383, 390s combo. Speakers are Amati Homage I am not wanting to change these.

Having read the product review information the 360S comes very close to the 30.6 and the double price has been put to me as not good value for money.

The possible combinations suggested by various parties have been as follows:
1) 360S + 31.5 combo instead of the 390S
2) 360S + 390S as transport.
3) Replace the 383 for the new 431 or 432 power amp

Please advise
Thanks in advance for your replies
Hubert Hon
Actually, the 30.6 or 30.5 are incredible units. Much better than any of the other ML dacs, and very much worth the money. I have a 383, 30.5, with a Sonic Frontiers transport, and the combination is awesome. If you go with any of the lower end ML dacs you will be stepping down from what you currently have. Also remember that you will need a good interconnect. I have and recommend the Illuminati balanced digital cable. Hope this helps.