Mark Levinson 380S connectivity -Help

I have been looking at this peice for a tad and cannot find anywhere that is will accept 110ohm digital AES/BEU such as the one that I would use to connect my Proceed PMDT, I looked at the back and it just says balanced inputs and RCA.
I assume this Levinson peice does do digital, even the owners manual I downloaded does not even mention connection of a digital component.

My question, can I connect the digital only PMDT via coax or AES/BEU, I prefer the latter ...AES/BEU

Thanks.....Matt Nalbandian
the 380S is a preamp and it does not have a digital input
380s is an analog preamp. If you want an outboard dac, try the 360 or 360s. They will have the AES/EBU inputs.
oh crap, so I would need a ML 360 for digital, ok, here is a twist, with the 360 and 380, you now have a great 2 chn system that is ready. The 380 has a line level input to add a Surround processor, I think they call it SSP, the L/R of my Lexicon MC1 would feed the 380 for surround effects. Could all three work in harmony ? Has it been done ?

MC1 for Surround
360S for Digital inputs
380S for Pre-amp

thanks ....Matt
Thats exactly the way to go! I use the same setup with my Krell KRC-HR. It has the pass through for which i have my MC-1 connected. Have your cake and eat it too. Good luck.
Hi Vader007! How can you setup your Krell KRC-HR to pass through signal from MC-1. That's mean when you play DVD you just have to change your Krell preamp input to "pass-through" the signal from the MC-1 and then the volume can be controlled by MC-1? Is that correct?

I'm also looking to add a new preamp to my HT setup but I'll have my EAD Signature Processor do all the digital decoding. Would adding preamp to my HT setup make my 2 channel sounds better?


Sorry I havnt responded, my local dealer called with a new toy. He just received a great trade in for me to eval. Anyway getting back to your questions; first part you are correct. Any "unity gain" or "pass-through" takes the preamp out of the signal path. It simply allows your home theater processor to to act as if it were connected directly to your amp. Tough to answer your second part with out knowing your equipment or future plans. The EAD is pretty musical from what I understand, you would have to go way up in $ to benifet from a seperate preamp. But yes, remember synergy is the key, components that were designed to work together will always sound more all Mark Levinson or all krell system. Not to offend anyones system and I,m not saying mix matched pieces cant sound good together, they can if properly matched. its just not the same. Good luck!!!!!!!1