Mark Levinson 360S & use of both RCA and balanced

I would like to use both the balanced and single-ended outputs from my Levinson 360S. The reason is that I want connect the balanced interconnects to my main preamp while using the single-ended interconnects to feed my Melos SHA-1 headphone amp. Does anyone out there know if this is going to work without causing any problems?

Thanks in advance for any input.
I believe that both ouputs are active all the time so there will be no problem using both routed to different preamps. I use my Sony player in this configuration.
I did it with my 36. Both were going to the same pre-amp. I did it to compare the differences of the balanced to single ended. Both are active outputs, so there should be no harm in doing this. You could always consult the Madrigal folks to be completely sure.
I use both outputs of the 360s simultaneously.
Thanks to all for the output input!!!
Hi. This is not the type of response you were shipping, but I saw your ad. We recently had a small fire in our home and lost some stereo gear and paper work. Would you be able to send a xeroxed copy of the instruction manual for the SHA-1 if I were to pay you for your trouble? Thanks. Mercedes Polo