Mark Levinson 35

does anybody know anything about this DAC? its difficult to find info about it, even at their own site. i could only find that it was manufactured between 1992 and 1996. noone has written a review, and i cannot find any spesifications.. found a pic though. anyone know anything about it, i would appreciate it.
There is a review in Stereophile in issue XVI-11.
funny. i cant find it searching on their site.. can you please link it for me?
well. i can see it was in that issue, but it cant be read online.. hopefully someone has the info
Hifimannen, I owned one years ago, it was quite good for its time and was extremely well built. I replaced it with a ML-360S that was a much better sounding DAC. Both were replaced long ago in my system with better sounding digital front ends. My hunch, if your interested in getting one, is that it would sound dated and not be very competitive with current DACS.
ah. i was offered a deal for the ML31 and the 35 together, thats why. but since the 360 is going for about 1500dollars, the 35 should also be around there cause of the reference series? or maybe even less cause its older.. i dont know.
I bought a new ML36 DAC in mid/late 90s, can't remember exactly. I was very happy with it, but for the wrong reasons. I used it with an AR-1 cd player, which was about $1k less at $3k. I convinced myself that the Audio Research was improved by using the ML, but actually it would have been more correct simply to say that the music sounded different, but not necessarily "better" in any way at all. I kept it until the Musical Fidelity A-24 (or whatever it was) came out in 2002 (?), bought one for $950 from Audio-Video Logic and was pleasantly startled by how much happier I was with what I was hearing.

Given the huge tech leaps these past 10 years, you might find yourself a lot happier by spending a lot less for something current. I no longer use a DAC, but mid-90s technology might not cut it for you, not at those dollars.
ok. thank you. but.. is it right that the 35 has an external power supply?