Mark Levinson 336 vs Krell 600c

I know the power is different but wanted to get feedback on which amp would be the best choice with B&W nautilus 802's..if this is a dumb question i'm new to this.
Well it is important to know what all your equipment is before making a judgement as so. I had a 335 with a levinson 39 and I have N803 and it sounded very good but I sold my 335 and then decided to try the krell 200c which is also nice but here is things I miss about the all Levinson system. Gino
My recommendation is the ML: I own the N802s, and they are worth the money spent for great amplification. The Krells might be too bright for them, though.

Also, I'm surprised that you want this level of power. The N802s are very efficient speakers, and can produce full dynamics on considerably less power. The Theta Dreadnaught might be more cost effective.
i have a pair of B&W 802N's...while efficient they demand
a lot of power in odrer to get the best out of them...600 watts would do nicely but a bit of over kill...i'd would stick with about a good clean 250 - 300 watts...i had a ML335 then went to Krell FPB 300..both sounded kind of thin
and lifeless...i then went to a McCormack DNA-2 Deluxe..and
bingo...the McCormack breathed life and pace and bass into the 802N'...aad it costs way less especially on the used market..check it out...but sadly i am selling the McCormack
for personel (finacial) reasons..anyways...
I feel the ML - 336 would be the superior choice for your set up. I agree with the above - the Krell usually has a tendency to sound bright and edgy and I don't feel would be a good match with B&W. Some will say you don't need that much power (both the Krell FPB 600 and the ML 336). I would tend to disagree - the more power the better. Loudness is not where its at with power, but the current capacity and the loudspeaker control it can provide. I don't blame you for wanting a powerful amp. But again I think the ML 336 would give you great control, no coloration, and a smoothness and naturalness that the Krell would be less likely to provide. But this is just my opinion and yours and your ears will ultimately matter and count the most!! Happy listening.

**I do not I agree with the statements saying that Krell and B&W are not a good match.
**I have actively bi-amped B&W800's driven my all Krell and the sound is "to die for." ... in my opinion.
Have had experience with both the FPB 300 & 600 series amps by krell...they are neither bright or lifeless, they are some of the most incredible amps on the market today, the top end is smooth, listenable for hours and the bass, well I'll just say that it is the tightess, fastest and articulate that I have ever heard. The FPB600 would not be an overkill for your speakers, more than likely they would probably have your B&W's dancing in your room, I must say that a tube preamp worked best in my setup with the FPB600.
In my opinion the No 336 is to powerful for the N802. Why you don't try the No 335. Same sound, just a little bit less power, but much cheaper!
Thanks for all of you help,i think i'll try the ML336,though it seems they are no clear losers.
Also, remember that B&W used the Krell FPB600 and 650M to voice the Nautilus speakers.