Mark Levinson 333.5 vs 432

I currently own a Mark Levinson 333.5 and am considering the purchase of a 432.

Can anyone comment on the sonic differences between these amps?


I tried the 432 but found that the 336 was a better match for my speakers, B&W D800's. If your speakers like a lot of juice, and you like the Levinson sound, skip the 432 and go to a pair of 436's. Much better sound for not that much more money. If they don't need all that juice, I would still probably go with the 434 monoblocks. Really didn't care for the 432.
Can't say bout the comparison but I went from a Krell FPB400Cx to a 432 and I am happy as a Clam.

I am driving B&W 802D's and this is enough power (350 watts x 2)

I would disagree that a pair of 434's are better than the 432, but would agree that if you can afford it, the 436 is the model to own.

Its like saying is an 802D good enough or would I be happier with an 800D and the answer should be clear. But not 434 over a 432 IMHO.

200 Watts a channel is not enough for the 800's