Mark Levinson 326s vs BAT Rex Series 1 preamps

My system is a dedicated home theater / 2 channel digital & analog setup. Has anyone had experience with both preamps? Wilson Sasha based system and the left and right stereo is powered by a BAT 600se amp. I watch a lot of movies and like the idea of not burning 18 tubes in pass thru mode BUT what am I giving up sonically if I go to the 326s?

I own the Rex

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I have always wanted to demo B.A.T. gear- where are you located?
Does B.A.T. plan to keep the REX alive and in production w/ a REX 3 , 4...?

is your system posted here in Virtual Systems?
How long have you owned the REX?  Do you enjoy it? Have you thought about upgrading to the REX II ?