Mark Levinson 326s, an upgrade over the JC-2?

I have owned the Mark Levinson 380 and the Parasound JC-2. I never did a side by side comparison. I really liked my systems with Levinson preamps. So, now I'm thinking maybe I sould explore the No 326s. I'm willing to spring for a 326s in the used market and I'm hoping that the 326s is another league above the JC-2. Anyone ever compare JC-2 to the 326s?
I've owned both and yes the 326 is in a different league. I'd be happy to discuss specifics with you if you like.
Hello HK_Fan I did get my 326s, now I'm just looking for an amp better than my Audio Rsearch DS-225 which I'm currently paired up with the preamp. What power amp did you match with your 326s? I aprecated your reply on the Parasound JC-2.
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HK and Dave,

I would like to hear, I mean, read about specifics. I enjoy the ML sound too. I feel the no 512 is the best cd/sacd spinner at this time.

What source(s) digital or analog are you guys using?
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The System: Bel Canto DAC3.5MKII with ref power supply and Ref USbB to Spdif converter,(3 separate chassis) via AudioQuest Diamond USB cable, Wireworld Platinum 7 XLR to ML326s Wireworld Platinum 7 XLR to Audio Research DS225, Audience AU24SE speaker cables to Magnepan 3.7i Wired with Synergistic research and Nordost power cords ran to custom power strip incorporating 3 Furutech GTX-D duplexs and one Defender conditioner to a VooDoo power cord to a wall outlet GTX-D
So where do I go to upgrade from the ARC DS225 amp?