Mark Levinson 320s tape loop?


I was pondering purchasing a ML320s preamp and was ready to do so, but while reading the online manual, to my dismay, I don't see the way to have it working with a tape loop (to include an EQ), as the older 380 had (or the ref 32 still has).

Anyone can confirm this or tell me how would this work? No matter how hard I try, I can't find any reference at all on the manual mentioning a tape monitor setting.

Brgds, Marcelo
Well, I checked with ML, and this is their reply:

"The No.320S/No.326S do not have the "EQ" or "external proceesor" loop like the No.38?380 or No.32. This is a feature that we have seen less and less request for over the years, sorry."

Case closed, cannot consider purchase of this fine preamp due to my own system's configuration.

brgds, marcelo