Mark Levinson 30.5 DAC vs. current DACs?

Does anybody can provide me with listening experience in comparing the Mark Levinson 30.5 D/A Converter with today's DA converter? The 30.5 in its days was state of the art, however, I can imagine that progress in semiconductor design and other advances would yield to significant sonic improvements reflected in today's offerings. Or does it not?

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I owned a ML 390S CD processor for over 20 years.  Fine  piece of equipment with very good sound and very reliable except for the erratic drawer function of the transport.
I am sure its still quite viable in today's market at more reasonable pricing.

However, in switching last year to streaming I replaced it with an Ayre QX-5 Twenty DAC and it was a game changer.  No single piece of equipment has changed the character of my system in many years of upgrading methodically.

I still think that era of ML digital equipment was quite good but the modern DAC technology is just more detailed, open and more analog like.

My only reservation about the older Levinson equipment is its age and cost to repair when needed.

Of course, the Qx-5 is expensive ( I picked up a lightly used one) and it did force ( LOL) me to also buy a KX-5 twenty preamp.  Never ends.