Mark Levinson 26 pre amp

Dear sirs,

It is so hard to find a 26 preamp now. I have purchased a 27 power amp and everyone told me I should match it with 26 preamp but I just can't find one in ebay or Audiogon for few months already. Can any one help?
Ken, congratulations! I think $3K is good. There's one on AgoN right now for $4K - so it was a good investment, no?!!

The going (top) price you should pay for a CLEAN 23.5 at the moment is $2700. And I've seen them for as low as $2250, but you have to be fast!

The 27 is absolutely as good as the 23.5, it's just half the power (100W/8ohms). So it really depends on what you're driving. What are your speakers?
Ken: PS: the 20.5, or the more desireable 20.6, is only 100W/channel (monoblocks). They are Class A amps too. They run VERY hot, and draw almost 500W of AC power when idling. Are you sure that is what you want? If the 27 isn't enough power, get a 23.5 :~)

Thanks Nsgarch, I think I will go for 23.5 as I have no space for mono block. I pay $3100 for 26s (RCA). The 23.5 I am going to purchase is also RCA ( very new with series no of 7XXX)
I got one plus the 25 phono stage.Super results if mated with 23.5 I got lock stock and barrel back in early 90's to drive my KEF 107.Another trick to make the whole system bloom is if you could get hold of NBS cable from Master series up or the top of kimber series then you're settled for life.
Check with Mr Kay at the Lyric of NY in order to find what you seek he'll help you.
PS.Don't hesitate to to go for valve cd players either Audio researche's cd 7 or audio aero.Then you'll start singing :Haven I'm in haven...
Best of luck George
Hi....Does any one know how much it going for now on ML 26 or 26S .