Mark Levinson 25s is good Today

I want to Get A nice phono stage,and i am wandering if Mark Levinson 25s is good Choice today?
In the same price i have Found a Mark Levinson ML6a preamps.
What do you think is better choice?

I had a 25s (and 26s preamp) for many years. I recently sold them to (two different) individuals in Asia for 50% more than I paid for them used in 2004!

They are both very fine pieces of equipment (the "s" models that is -- the 'regular' 25 and 26 units are good but not great, and certainly not for the money some people seem to be willing to pay for them!) I sold my Levinson N°25s about a year ago including the PLS-226 dual power supply, AC power cord, lo-voltage connecting cord, 4 Fischer gold-plated Camac-to-RCA adapters for $3450. Don't be afraid to buy one with the power supply set for 220V. They are easy to convert to 110V ;~) (The last models made have 'regular' RCA connectors, which is nice.)

The 25s phonoamp is one of the QUIETEST grain-free phonoamps you will ever hear and it has plenty of gain for even .2mV MC cartridges . It has several cartridge load settings, and can be customized further if need be.

There are a half dozen (new) solid state phonoamps on the market today that are as good or better than the 25s, but the least expensive of them will set you back ten grand more or less.