Mark Levinson 23 with Klipschorn

I just brought a great price on Klipschorns local. Can I use Mark levinson amp 23 with Klipschorn. I got all paper work original from Klipsch from the day that 1st owner brought 1978.
As a former owner of the Levinson No. 23 amp, (a good stereo amp, by the way), I will state that my opinion is that you would be wasting the power of that particular amp with those really efficient speakers. Having a 200 wpc amp driving a pair of speakers with a 105 db efficiency is overkill, IMHO. Would it work, yeah, but you'd probably only be able to turn the volume up to 1.

I would suggest trying to go with something like a SET tube amp, or if you prefer solid state, a smallish (25-50 wpc) full class A amp. (In fact, you have the perfect speakers to try out one of the many great SET amps out there, so I would not pass up that opportunity.)

My two cents worth anyway.
Good Luck in your search.
I disagree -somewhat. I drove K-horns for years with a 100 watt Mac and it sounded great. What is important is how quiet the amp is, and also if the amp is able to perform at it's best at very low levels of it's full potential power curve, and I am not familiar with the No. 23 except that it has a very good reputation for being smooth and having well controlled bass. I am sure that it will be quiet enough. I bet that you would be surprised, try it.
It will work fine.What would work great would be to sell the 23 and buy a SET amp or any low-powered tube amp,like a Mac,CJ,ARC etc.The resale on the 23 will allow you to do that and come out even on money,but way ahead on sound.Good luck,Bob
Enjoy those Khorns!. They will work with any amp. Suggest you get the crossovers refreshed to get the full performance that they are capable of. Here are a couple of links-
Thanks for your response. I hooked up horn with 23 and sound very warm and soft, specially on vocal voice. But bass is not deep and strong like B&W 801 series 2 that I had before. I want to upgrade the crossovers but no clue. Any suggestion on crossover with minim money since "wife factor" needs approve. Thanks in advance.
Sell the Klipsch and get the 801 matrix 3 and pocket the change