mark levinson 23 amp

hello can someone tell me how this amp sounds, what i can expect in my system . right now i have ocm 200 amp [100 watts ] and gershman x-1 mounted on the sw-1, front end is spectral dmc-10, classe cdp.3,
I owned a Levinson #23 for several years, during which
time I used a Spectral DMC-10 among other preamps.

The #23 is a fairly neutral sounding amp. Some describe
it as "dark" though I do not agree. It has solid,
well-defined bass, good transient response, a moderately
broad soundstage and detailed high frequencies. It is
probably not the ultimate in transparency, but is quite
good in that respect. Overall, I enjoyed the #23 and only
sold it to purchase a #27.5 which is lower in output, but
somewhat more transparent and holographic in its presentation.
Jvogt is right on with his assessment. I have a good friend with a 23. I have recommended this amp to a few people recently. It has great control, power, finesse, and very good imaging. Although not as good as any of the 2#.5 amps. The upgrade to the .5 on that whole series was very good.
jvogt how did it match, with the spectral ? a friend ,told me spectral was hard to match with other equipment ?
The recommendation from Spectral is to use MIT cables,
because of the high bandwidth of their amps. I happened
to have MIT MI330 Shotgun interconnects which mated well
with the Levinson. I liked the combo of the DMC-10
with the #23. YMMV
The Spectral DMC10 and the Levinson 23 was exactly what I had at a time. I was using MIT shotgun interconnects. I thought the combination sounded good until I borrowed a friend's DMA80's. The Levinson 23 with all MIT cables sounded like there was too much bass. I recommend getting a Spectral or Levinson system rather than cross matching.