Mark Levinson 23.5 Stereo or Mono?

I am curious if anyone has taken the time to compare the performance of a Mark Levinson 23.5 in bridged mono vs. stereo. I'm also curious about a 27.5 in the same manner.

I own and love my 23.5 and have also wondered about buying another and biamping for monstrous amounts of power. Or to really go wild and use two 23.5s bridged with two more tube monoblocks on the mids and treble.

My sense is that this configuration was not widely used with the 23.5 and that the 20.5s and 20.6s were the 2 chassis reference.

But I dont know and I, too, would love to hear from others.
I was contemplating bridging my 27.5 for a center channel and using the 23.5 for L & R. I am hoping that there is no degredation in bridged mode. I know some amplifiers, Bryston 4BST for example, come alive when bridged and some don't. Just curious since I'm going to do it anyway. It is a bit of an undertaking so I wanted to be sure I wasn't wasting my time. I will post my findings.
Well, since this is just about to fade off from the current thread status, I will give you some "second hand" information. When I was shopping for my current No. 23, I spoke to a guy who was using two No. 23s bridged for mono, (he was selling one as he no longer needed it.)
He said that the sound was virtually identical in the unbridged mode.
However, he had one big warning: If the speakers being used have low impedence, by that he said anything less than 4 ohms, he said the amps would really overheat fairly quickly and then shut down. So be aware of this possiblility.

(By the way, I used to have the No. 27 and upgraded to the No. 23. I loved the sound so much, that when it came time to upgrade for more power, I just went up one notch! I wish I could have afforded to 23.5, but just did not have the money at the time.)

Hope that helps.
Just for info, I'm using the 20.6s and they sounded great. A friend of mine "upgraded" his 23.5 to 20.6s and he prefers the latter too. Audition them if u can. Cheers.