Mark Levinson 20.5

What is the sonic difference between 20.5 and 20.6?

For this baby, I was told it runs hot and easy to have problem. Any experience or sharing on this? I am seriously look for it.

Current I own ML26s+23.5

I have owned a pair of 20.5s since 1990, and I still love them. As any pure class A amp, they do run warm. However, I had been listening to them at my dealer's for about a year when I finally bought them. They seemed to bring much of what tube amps brought without giving up what solid state amps had. As for realibility, I have never had anything go wrong with them, knock on wood.
Thanks. Anyone have bad experiences?
hello to all . The difference between the 20.5 and the evolution on the 20.6 is simple. On the 20.5 already excellent I find the sound is more focused on the medium, which is for my part I find very beautiful. On the other hand on the 20.6 the sound goes further! indeed the sound range is wider, both on the top of the spectrum, as well as on the low, which contributes to a much wider sound scene! after question of taste
with kind regards