Mark Levinson 20.5 monoblock pair value ?? ??

I checked the Audiogon online blue book but there aren't enough data points to get a real feel for what this gear is worth. The 20.5 came out in the late 80's. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
Hi Abecollins,

My blue book says that the Mark Levinson 20.5 monoblocks should be $2650(US) used retail price and the mint wholesale price would be $1591(US) anywhere in between would be a good guess.

Just my 2cents, Brian
I think Brian's numbers are a bit low. Not that the bluebook value is that--but I think if you look at what 20.0, 20.5 and 20.6 sell for you will find they are in the $4500 to $5000 range. I've seen them listed for more, but I don't think they actually sell for much more than that these days. You might contact Toys from the Attic, or Audio Classics and ask them what they are selling for. They know the bluebook, but also know what the supply and demand are like and the realistic price.
Thanks guys. This at least gives me *some* idea of a price range. I'm researching this for a friend who's parents just gave him the Levinson 20.5's after they upgraded their system with newer gear. My buddy isn't into audio so he wants to sell them. Thanks again for your help. ...Abe
If he's just looking to get rid of them, why not auction them here. Start the bidding around $2000 with no reserve for 13 days. I'm sure he'll get $4500 and probably better. Wish my parents gave me their high end gear (oh that's right--they don't have any).