mark levinsn would this be an upgrade

can someone tell me if this would be an upgrade or not??? right now i have an ocm 200 [100 watts ] and thinking about buying mark levinson ML 11 [50 watts ]. i listen to rock music,i know levinson is a better amp,but wonder if it will be enough watts ? and if it will have as much bass. the person selling it says it has lots of bass... thanks for the help
Probably. What speakers would the 11 be asked to drive?
The ML11 is rated at 50 watts, but Levinson typically rates their gear conservatively. I don't know what it actually specs out at, but it pushes a lot of current. The bass is solid, tight, and quick, and the mids and highs are neutral. It's a good amp, and a nice find for the used equipment buyer. It used to list for $2100, and its companion preamp, ML12, listed at around $1400. Excellent 2-channel stuff.
hello again my speakers are, gershman x-1sw-1 87 sensitivity!!!
Haven't heard the projected combo so, I guess that the ML could handle reasonable (i.e. not very LOUD)levels. Current is good and the 50W rating is, as above, conservative.

Any way you can try the amp on yr speakers? Always the best test!
I have always thought that the quality of the watts is much more important then the number of watts.
Perfect: current *is* useful, you know. You DO need at least a minimum amount of output horsepower to make (speaker) cones push air, after all (and Crustin's speaker sports an average-low 87 sensitivity).
Given the minimum though, I too would choose better rather than more Watts.
Excuse me Gregm and Perfectimage, What do you mean with "quality of watts"? What does the quality of watts consist of? I'm learning about this hobby. Thanks.
Pepito: reference to how "good" the "amplified" (hence, watts) sound emanating from the amp is. In short, how close the amplified sound is to the input signal from the preamplifier. Amplifiers' power is, customarily, expressed in watts so, a musically well performing amp offers "(good)quality watts".