Mark Levimson No.333

I have owned a 2 years old Levinson No.333 for almost 1 year, unfortunately the amp has been bordered me many times recently which I think it should not happened to the Mark Levinson product. At first the mains fuse blow up, 4 months later the right channel was down, 2 capacitors change. Now AGAIN! 5 months after the second service, the left channel is dead! No doubt it is a very expensive amplifier and I am always believe in high-end equipment maker will gives a better quality and reliable products, but after all I think it may be no true. I have saw a lot of used ML 333 floating on the second market, is it all related to it durability or I am the particular “bad luck” owner that having this type of problems? Does anyone out there experience the similar problems with me? The amp is going to 4 years old and may be it is time to replace it with a new amp. I would be appreciating for any feedback. Good Listening....JACK
Jack, that is almost unbelievable, have a lot of lightning strikes there? Over the years I've owned 9 Levinson amps and never ever had a single problem, it's the most reliable gear I've ever owned. At one time I even had 5 333's in a wacked out theater system, no problems. In fact, the 333 remains one of my favorite amps. Good Luck, and I'm sure you'll have no problems receiving help from Madrigal. Chuck
I have a friend that's had problems with his No. 331. First if buzzed, now the channel is dead. It can't be serviced locally so all 100 lbs of it needs to be shipped back to the factory.
I have a 331 that has had no problems. I am wondering if it it is best (i.e. longer life) to leave the amp on "ON" or on "STANDBY" when not in use. Also, [email protected] do you know how old your friends 331 is that he has had problems with and was it still under warranty when he shipped it back to Madrigal?
I've got a 332 that is about 4 years old. I didn't have any trouble withthe amp until we moved last summer. After the move I hooked everyting up an had a hum in the left channel. As it turned out, a cap was shot. My dealer replaced it and I've had no trouble since. Remember these things are machines and all machines eventually break down. It is unfortunate that it happens to an expensive piece of Hi-Fi gear, but I think Levinson will take care of you.
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