Mark Knopfler Shangri La on sa-cd

I just ordered my copy from Amazon UK.

This is a Mercury release and is available on sa-cd/cd/vinyl and dvd video,

I have only heard one song but you can't go wrong w/Knopfler. Have you heard John Fogerty's new release? Knopfler does a guest appearance but the mix has Fogerty drowning him out. By the way Fogerty was not up to par on this release. Pass if the opportunity comes by.
Theo, I heard the redbook cd of this and I like it a lot.

I find that Knopflers solo work grows on you the more you listen to any of the recordings.

When I first heard Ragpickers Dream and Sailing to Philidelphia, I though they were decent, but after another listen or two, these releases are very good imo.

I only listen in two channel, but wanted to hear the sa-cd version of this hybrid multi channel disc.
I beleive that this is the first sa-cd version of Knopfler or Dire Straits, but whith Dire Straits released on the Mercury label in Europe, maybe we will see some of that music also released on sa-cd.

Greg has Shangri-La on a hybrid SACD (the only SACD
discs I'll buy) for $29.99. But knowing I just paid $13.97 for Ray Charles'
new cd on hybrid SACD at, I think I'll wait on
Shangri-La. $29.99 seems outrageous to me.
Ears, I agree my first impression of all his work has had to grow on me. But once it registers, I am hooked. Let's hope the whole Dire and Knopfler catalog comes out in SACD.
All the Dire Straits/Knopfler cd's I heard have good music/excellent sound. Mark Knopfler is one of the most consistently good and tasteful artists out there today. He is a great guitarist, but only plays what is necessary, which in my opinion makes his playing much more interesting than the "more and faster" players who simply move up and down the fretboard as fast as they can go with no regard to musicality. $29.99 is a ridiculous amount to pay for a single disc. As stated in previous posts, the prices of cd's is what is holding back the music industry, not piracy!
Bought mine at Amazon U.K for under 20.00.
It is a fairly mellow Knopfler recording, but like the others it grows on you quick.
AmazonUK has this recording on redbook,vinyl,sa-cd and dvd video.