Mark Knopfler's Ragpickers Dream-heard it?

I have had this import LP on order from Music Direct for months, and I finally got it the other day. If you are a fan of Knopfler or Dire Straits, this is a must have record. The guitar work is more understated than some of the Dire Straits records, but Knopfler makes every note count. The LP deals with the working man's trials and tribulations. Knopfler's voice has a "in the room"quality. This is a great recording for a revealing high resolution system.
I am a die hard Dire Straits fan and did enjoy Knopfler's last two solo releases. Though the quality of Ragpicker's Dream is excellent, I didn't really care for this release. Looking forward to the next one though.
I agree With RD that this album has not made me want to buy it. Still my favorite is Love over Gold. I still get chills listening to Telegraph road with Mark's guitar work.
I also agree with Rd. Can't say i enjoyed the ragpickers dream. I bought it and dropped it out of rotation quickly. He can do much better and has.
I bought the cd last December and still listen to it. I really like it and almost ordered the lp version (they were on order). I think that this album represents a more mature Mark Knopfler, yet it has some of the same hooks that are in his earlier work.
I like it.

I remain
I think this is an overall excellent MK album that unfortunately may require a couple of listens to get under your skin. It's certainly the best recorded MK album to date; and, if you throw out the 1 or 2 usual MK clunkers, the rest are decent songs that emphasize lyrical content over musical complexity. I agree that it's no "Sailing To Philadelphia," but I think you all might change your opinion if you heard it on vinyl - it's absolutely stunning.

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"German beer is chemical free, Germany's alright with me." That couplet makes the album worth the money. Egoss hits the nail on the head.
>>above by Egoss: an "album that unfortunately may require a couple of listens to get under your skin."

This is a common thing isn't it? I think a lot of the music I end up liking most grows on me and much of the stuff that is immediately attractive wears out quickly. I'm not sure that it is unfortunate. Maybe it is necessarily that way.

The vinyl is good.

I remain,
Marbletown is my favorite cut on Ragpickers. A verrrry realistic recording. The title cut on Sailing to Philadelphia recorded with James Taylor is also a favorite.
Thanks Ed, I agree that the first time I listened to the LP I did not rave about the content, but after hearing it a second time, I started realizing that this is a great album. I feel the LP has stunning sound quality. My favorite cuts are "You Don't Know You're Born" and "Coyote". I love the opening bass on "Coyote". Knopfler never needs flashy guitar work. He just knows where to place notes for the greatest effect. That makes him one of my favorite guitarists
I like the new album.

Too bad his tour had to be cancelled due to his motorcycle accident. However, I have trouble picturing Knopfler riding a racing bike or a cruiser thru the streets of London. RPD gives you the notion of a mellower Knopfler riding a Moped or a Vespa.

P.S. Knopfler doesn't get much credit for his film-score and soundtrack works. Those are real treats.
MK certainly has tremendous talent, and I have "Ragpickers Dream" (CD). I liked it, but didn't love it-- will have to try it again. I really like "Golden Heart" though-- is that the right title? Cheers. Craig
There will never be a Knopfler CD I won't buy immediately, even without hearing it first.

No, i have not heard it, after his first solo release, all i could think of it was.....maybe going solo was not such a good idea for MK.