Mark Knopfler live recordings

As a huge Dire Straits/Mark Knopfler fan I felt compelled to share this new find with the group:

Apparently this firm , simfly live has been contracted to sell USB versions of Mark's recent European tour dates.

I am not in any way affiliated with the company, just a Mark Knopfler fan.

I have not personally tried the USB versions of these recordings, but will soon.

Happy Listening!
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As a huge Dire Straits/Mark Knopfler fan

Ditto here. Knopfler is definitely an audiophile as well as a musician and song writer - always great sound.
This would be great news even if the format is 320k mp3 but it looks like they can't be purchased from the U.S. I guess we're out of luck over here.
Why can't we purchase them from Europe?
go to
and download all the mk/ds live shows you like.He's good about sharing his shows..just don't sell any on ebay.

When I went to the site and selected one to purchase, it told me that they were "not available for sale in your country."
Mark may have audiophile ears,however has no audiophile system.
Yes his new home recording studio has some of the best acoustics and harmonic resonance I've ever heard in a recording.
His brother David also puts out audiophile sounding recordings(who by the way you should check out suggested recordings = The Giver,Small Mercies,Wishbones and Ship of Dreams)
Recently caught up with David and gave him one of my cables for use from his tuner to DI box and after awhile after appreciating the beauty of the cable he came to find out how much such a cable would cost.
His line "I'm in the wrong business"
Of course he was just kidding but he certainly had no sense of audiophile equipment and pricing.
God bless him for that!!!
Let the artist stay true