Mark Hollis/ Talk Talk

Just received my lp copies of Mark Hollis and Talk Talk lp laughing stock. For those of you who do not know these artists check them out on utube. Moody brooding. Excellent. Very well recorded presssings OK. Get the Hollis lp (talk talk sold out) @ bada bing records in ny.
I remember really liking it when I first received my copy of Laughing Stock but it has been long forgotten (like many of my CDs) maybe I will pop it in my car CD player and give it another go.
"Spirit Of Eden" by Talk Talk is a classic and highly recommended.
His only solo effort, which is self-titled, is one of my very favorite albums. Better than anything I've heard with, Talk Talk. Perhaps more stark and somber if you can believe it. It's a damn shame he didn't continue with the solo work.
Yeah def some of my favorite of all time stuff

His solo effort IS nice. I just ordered it.


Sleeps with the fishes would be nice.
His solo effort IS nice. I just ordered it.

Hope you enjoy it. It is haunting and ethereal. The sound is kind of home-spun with lots of environmental ambiance and sounds. Very RAW. I love it. Not uplifting by any means though so those who are seeking as much, look elsewhere. If you like this, I'd also highly recommend a completely different sound, but coming from a very similar raw and stark sadness - but a completely different palette, if you will: Diamond Mine, by King Creosote and John Hopkins. This album also is just superb! I do not tire of either of these, and they do remind me of each other, in spite of obvious differences.

I recently bought Diamond Mine and really like it.

good recommendation, one of the best albums I have bought in recent years

Phil - I couldn't agree more. Both albums are among my top twenty or so. To expand on differences for the benefit of others: While Mark Hollis unique fusion makes a nod to jazz and pop, with other entirely unique elements thrown in, Creosote and Hopkins are coming from more folk and traditional influences. Hollis is more sparse and spare with lyrics. Diamond Mine, while simple and poetic, is more literal and tells the sad stories of the lives of the ordinary lives of the working class in a small seaside town. Both are deeply personal and melancholic in nature.

You might be able to get the sense of where I'm coming from in the comparing the two as similar in the lyrics of two very simple songs..maybe not. I find both hauntingly beautiful:

Mark Hollis, Inside Looking Out

Feel my skin Lord
Feel my luck tumbling down
Left no life no more

Turn my seasons turn
Lived in much younger times
Left no life no more
For me to shine

King Creosote and John Hopkins, Your Young Voice

It's your young voice that's keeping me holding on to my dull life, to my dull life.

(repeated several times)
I still run across their stuff on occasion when I go thrugh used vinyl. In the last year i picked up a couple and I keep my eye out for more.
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