Mark Audio 12P Full Range...An Amp question

I just purchased these speakers and I plan to pair them with my Emerald Physics Amp Class D ( which is rated at 100 Watts.) 

The Mark Audio's are rated at 90 DB and  Suggested wattage is 30 watts.

Will they be compatible. ? 

 Will the Amp damage my speakers....too much power ?

Thank you





NO.  Better to have too much power than too little (clipped) power. Please understand that the Mark Audio speakers are not designed to handle lots of power and per the manufacturer require a slow and calculated break in.  It's all a function of how loud you play them--not the power rating of the amp.

I had the CHR70.3’s a while back and Mark Audio recommended 100 hours of break in at very low volume, so it took several days to do it right.  The 12P’s might require the same break in time, so be patient.

I built the Pensil enclosure for my Mark Audio 12Ps. Believe they are 91db and a flat 8 ohms. I drove them with 2 watts of 45 SET. Actually very nice. But 100 watts surely will be better. I would not worry about damaging the drivers.