Mark at Rogue Audio

I want to relay an awesome experience I had with Mark O'Brien, the head of Rogue Audio, the other day.

The hurricane had me working from home. I powered up my Rogue M180's and one of the tubes wouldn't hold bias - it was jumping all over. Assuming it was a bum tube, I replaced it with 2 others, both new, and those would not hold bias either.

Disgruntled, I emailed Rogue to explain the situation. My phone rang an hour later: it was Mark offering to help. He had me up and running in 10 minutes. Turns out that tube's fuse clip had loosened, so he had me remove the fuse and "crimp" the arms together with my fingers, then replace the tube. Voila!

An absolutely GREAT guy, who really cares about his customers (and his gear)!

Besides making great gear which are among the best values in all of high end audio, Mark and the Rogue crew offers customer service second to none. As a bonus Rogue is American made and outperforms Chinese gear in the same price range.
he worked on an amp for me that got damaged in transit back to me, no problem, he sent me a brand new amp right away!

plus easy to talk to - agreed!
Agreed, Mark is one of the best people in audio. But, that would all be for naught were his products not as good as they are.

In my opinion, a buyer is making a foolish mistake to forego products from the likes of Quicksilver and Rogue for Chinese gear.
As a Rogue dealer, I agree with you guys 100%. Excellent people, excellent company and excellent products!

Mark and Nick go out of their way to make sure customers are helped and happy.
I have used the Rogue M150 and now m180 for about 8 years. I have only had one issue with the amp and had the same experience. Mark was very responsive and help me identify the problem and fix it in about 15 minutes.
I feel the same about guys like Bobby at Merlin and Canary Audio guys and Ralph at Atma-Sphere and of course theres more.Glad to hear your story,cheers,Bob
I feel the same about Ralph and Bobby and the guys at Canary.Glad to hear your story,cheers,Bob
I forgot Emmanual at First Sound,a good guy to deal with,B
I have had my Atlas and Metis for several years (purchased used on Audiogon) and Mark has always been great with support. Had a few minor issues early on and Mark was great. They did some repairs for me and most recently upgrade me to MAGNUM specs. Had a very minor issue when I got back the amp, and Mark took care of it instantly. I cannot say enough about this company and about Mark. They care about their products and are one of the best companies I've ever dealt with in terms of customer care. They get it. When they say they try to deal with customer like they would like to be treated, you should believe them!
I agree Rogue is a great company to deal with. Mark was very helpful when I was tube rolling in my Tempest II integrated.
My Rogue Audio Athena Pre and 180 mono blocks played right through the earth quake with not so much of a hiccup. Rock on Rogue!