Mark 436, Sim Audio W-6/W-10, or MF KW750 for C-2

I'm thinking about upgrade my amp. to pair with my Dynaudio C-2. Anyone have experience or comments with the above amp.? Or any other amp. recommendation for my speakers.

Mark Levison No. 436
Sim Audio Moon W-6 or W-10
Musical Fidelity KW-750

Wanna get some opinions before I dash out to my local dealers. Thanks for any comments and opinion.

I've heard the 436 amps on a pair of Dynaudios at a dealers. The sound was excellent is these amps have plenty of current 1400 watts into a 2 ohm load which is more significant than the watts per channal. From other posts, I would rate the three in this fashion.
1. The 436 very musical and dynamic. Really nice bass, pin pointimaging, micro dynamics are phenomenal. See my system,
I'm thinking of selling a pair of 436s and upgrading to the 33. See my ad if interested.
As for speaker cables and interconnects I can vouch for the Synergistic Research Res. Reference. They are excellent matches for the Levinson line.
2. The Sim W-6 by reputation very good. From what I've heard and read high current, but a little more analytic than the Levinson. I did hear this amp with a pair of electrostats and was not impressed, but the amp was not warmed up and that could make a significant differnce. This amp has a great reputation.
3. The Music Fidelity I've seen this amp compared to the Levinson and Krell amps in several threads. It looks to me that though the sound may be better than some, these amps do not have the current needed to really put them over the top. I state this by reputation only as I've not heard them personally.
If you find a dealer that sells all 3 make sure they have all been powered up for at least 24 hours or all not powered up because which ever amp has been plugged in the longest, in my opinion, will sound the best. Just make sure the playing field is equal. Have fun auditioning.