Mark 383

Current system -

Amp - Mark 383
CDP - Meridian 507
Speaker - B&W N805
Tuner - Dynalab MD90
RCA - Au24
Speaker cable - Cello string 3

Need a view or comment from a Mark 383 user here regarding something I suspected a performance prooblem from my Mark 383 int amp.

coincidently, when I clean up the dust I hear some noticeable noise generated from the tweeter of my speaker (both speaker),
"at that time the power was switched on and the standby was turned off,the volume truned to O and no source input"
The noise are also combined with a "di di di di" sound, which so much like the sound generated from a desktop quartz clock.

At that time I was suspected the noise was caused by the input either from my CDP or tuner, then I unplugged all the input, but the noise still there. then I switched the amp's power cord which directly from wall to my AC filter,,, too bad the noise still there.

after a while I believe that something which is beyond my knowledge then I called up my friend, then he advised that many of the amp especially int amp have this sort of problem but he never heard about the "di di di di" sound.

At last I called up the local authorized Mark distributor here in HK and they refered me to their maintenance dept. the gentlemen told me that the noise is normal and most of the amp no matter int or pre and power have this situation too, then I asked what about the "di di di di" sound, he replied that the "di di di di" sound is generated from a "clock" and its normal. Later on I talked to my freind regarding the explaination, and he guessed that the "clock" might refer to a remote control component inside of the amp.
But why the "di di di di" sound is only found on the left channel???

Thank you very much your time in reading this and if possible please give me some view on this.

Many thanks!
try moving the unit to another location; a different building etc. plug it in there & bring along some headphones to monitor the output. You may have some AC line noise issues? If it still acts up then I'd suspect a problem; this doesn't sound 'normal' to me.
thanks for your suggestion! Bob