Marimba music

I have two CDs by the Balafon Marimba Ensemble and a few avant classical efforts that feature the marimba (Evelyn Glennie, Keiko Abe, Safri Duo). I love both the energy of much of this music and the pure, delicious sound of the marimba. Anybody have any recommendations?
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"Gong" of Pierre Moerlene.
Also check out Ed Mann often played with Frank Zappa.
Here are a few favorites sort of in descending order (most marimba dominated to least):

Submedia/Suffocating City
Brad Dutz/Railroads
Double Image/Double Image
Jack West/Big Ideas
Reinhard Flatiscler/Megadrums
Uzva/Tammikuinen Tammela
Hasse Bruniusson/Flying Food Circus
Daniel Denis/Les Eaux Troubles (Coeur de Boef is great!!).
Budi Siebert/Hmmmm... (vinyl is best on this one)
Christer Bothen/The Spirit of Milvus Milvus (exc. b. clarinet too)
Jerry Granelli/Another Place
Bob Moses/When Elephants Dream of Music
James Emery/Standing on a Whale fishing for minnows
Anthony Davis/Episteme
Ralph Peterson/The Reclamation Project
Henry Threadgill/Everybodys Mouth's a Book
NRG Ensemble/Calling all Mothers
Also, Capt. Beefheart/ Doc at the Radar Stn. and Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller) have some interesting marimba on them.
Thanks. I have heard of very few of those artists.