Marigo VTS treatment for speakers

I recently tried out one set of 4 Marigo VTS bands on my NOLA Metro Grand 2 speaker mid-ranges.  NOLA owners will know that this is of course in the open part of the speakers baffle, so the back of the mid-range is accessible to apply these bands as per Marigo's instructions.  Most definitely I was very impressed with the result.  It took these superb Alnico mid-ranges to an even higher level - cleaner, more detailed and natural.   I obviously recommend these VTS bands highly, but I am also curious what others' experience has been.

In the past I have tried the WA Quantum Speaker Chips on my NOLAs. I had them on for a while thinking at first that I liked them, and then decided I didn't like what they were doing. Not so these Marigo VTS bands on the NOLA mid-ranges. They are keepers.

Next I thought to call Ron Hedrich at Marigo and ask him about using them on woofers and also about his other products.  He was very helpful and insightful and recommended using the VTS bands for the NOLA woofers too.

Has anyone here applied these to the NOLA woofers?  Any tips, pointers, experience would be appreciated.
I haven't yet put the VTS bands on the woofers as it is a bigger deal than putting the bands on the mid-range, but I plan to do so soon.  

In the meantime I put three Marigo N51 window VTS discs on the three large windows in my listening room.  Wow! Huge plus for naturalness, ease, and elimination of glassy glare.  Proper placement of disc on the window is very important as I had them placed wrong at first and needed to reposition them as per instructions which I did not get at first.  These products really do work.  I have a number of Synergistic HFTs around the room including near the windows and the Marigo window dots work fine with those as they work in completely different ways.  As should be obvious from the above, the Marigo dots were also much more effective than the HFTs in mitigating the impact of window reflections.

Any experience/ideas re: opening and working on NOLA woofers would be appreciated as I have yet to start on that.