Marigo Labs Digital Cable Assistance

I was looking at purchasing a Marigo used digital cable.  A local dealer has two Marigo Labs cables but he took them in on trade and knows nothing about them.  One is a  Marigo Audio Lab Apparition Reference Digital 2. The other is a Series 3A.  I found some info where the Series 3A was reviewed but no info on the Reference Digital 2.

Can anyone provide me with more information of these digital cables>

Thank you.
@jim204  By refund you mean sell the one I don't prefer?  There is no refund as these are used cables.  The cheapest digital cable from Marigo Labs list is $2000 with the top of the line $3500.  I would need to take a loan out!  LOL   
Most good dealers do deals where they will either loan the two or give them out on credit card and after a period of time you can take the one you don't like so much back in for a refund, it's very simple really. The dealer I have does this all the  time, it's the only way I can really update my setup.
Hi bigkidz: Call Ron Hedrich  at Marigo. I talk to him all the time on the phone.  I've been a happy customer of his for over 20 years. Good listening. Jeff
Thanks  I spoke to him  cheapest cable list is $2000 and up to $3500  I need to know more about the use cables