Marigo Labs Apparition 5.6 & 5.7

Can anyone who has experience with the Marigo Apparition 5.6 & 5.7 elaborate on their sound quality differences?

I'm familiar with the 5.6, but have not heard the 5.7 yet. How much do these two cables differ and in what ways?

Thanks in advance for any thoughtful replies.
I am using the 5.7 on my Theta Gen.VIII/Compli set-up with great results.
I am also a dealer for Marigo Labs.
I have not done a comparison of the older models.
Might chat with Ron at Marigo.
I have heard/used a number of digital cables. The 5.7 is a very fine cable. IMO: You would have to spend considerably more $$ to beat it. It is a stiff cable and may take some bending and patience to fit. Minimum length 1.5m. Sorry, I have not heard the 5.6.
I've heard 5.7 (1.5m) and Reference 2 (1m) in my system. Older and thicker Reference 2 sounded more open especially in the upper midrange. 5.7 had deeper bass and was overall more relaxing. I prefer the sound of 5.7 on old (bright) recordings and Referece 2 with the rest. Both cables had the sparkle on upper end. I didn't hear a major difference in dynamics or focus between the two, though I felt that Reference 2 had slightly deeper sounstage. I wonder how Reference 2 would sound if it was 1.5m long.