Marigo Audiolabs VTS Tuning Dots?????

Has anyone ever tried the VTS Dots resonance control devices made by Marigo? They come in a wide range of sizes designed to tame resonance in everything from windows to speaker cabinets to the chips in CD players. I'm especially interested in the window application as I've a 2 door glass slider making the majority of my left listening room wall! I hope they actually work!? Also, if anyone has been brave enough to risk warranty DQ and put them inside a digital front end I'd love to know the results. Thanks for the feedback, Dave ...Go PATS!!!
work! I am currently reviewing these (as are two other aM writers) and we have all had extremly positive results.
I have thus far treated the speakers (drivers and baskets in Reimer Tetons), DAC chips and caps (transport only), tubes (preamp only), and window (large picture behind listener). I would say that the speaker and window dots have resulted in the greatest improvement, which is not to say the others did not. Just not to the same degree.
At the price, I would say these are the biggest bang for the buck in maximizing one's system! As a matter of fact treating the speakers made a nore significant (positive) affect to the music (openness and clarity) as opposed to cables, amps, etc.
I would not consider this a tweek, as it is something that should have been done by the manufacturer. Highly recommended, though YMMV.
Dave Clark
Hi: I am using these dots for many years. I also had big windows and after application of the dots bachground noise became substantially reduced. Speakers, tubes, caps, resistors etc all benefit from the treatment. However, you must be careful - too much treatment overdump (deaden) sound. For window, one 20mm dot per corner will do fine. If in doubt call Ron Hendrich from Marigo but much better to experiment!!! Happy listening
Do the Marigo Audiolabs VTS Tuning Dots help with addressing mid-range glare? Has anyone used the VTS Tuning Dots to address mid-range glare? I know this thread is over 8 years old so I'm hoping users here have used these dots.

In my listening room about 2 feet behind me are windows with accordion type blinds that go up and down. I'm hoping to apply some of the dots to the windows to help combat the mid-range glare.

Thanks in advance.