Marigo Apparition Reference Line Conditioner

Hi! I tried this once, I got no help, so Ill try this again, I have a marigo Apparition Reference Series 2 line conditioner, it made my system sound so much better, kinda like listening in the afternoon, then again at night, so much better at night, now it is always night time. But what I want to know is there anybody out there that has one. The unit is about 4 years old, and it has a 3 position switch on the front. How do I use it, Also unit has no a.c plugs on the back.HELP, Marc
I owned one of these Marigo parallel units and also found it to be very effective (it was a favorite of Bound for Sound.)

It is a parallel conditioner, so you simply plug it into the same wall outlet (other plug) as you have your other gear. Directly into the wall is normal ... it can degrade the sound if plugged directly into another AC conditions, but in some situations, it will actually help.

I do remember the switch, but do not remember the functionality of each position ... sorry.

I would contact Ron Hedrick directly ... he is a good guy and most helpful:

Good luck and enjoy!

I don't own one, but considered it in place of my Seakay Line Rover a few years ago. It was, as I recall, a parallel line conditioner, like the Line Rover, so there was no need to plug any components into it; hence, there are no outlets on it. You just plug it into the wall and let it do its work. The switch on the front is clouded in mystery to me--I seem to recall a Bound For Sound review of it way back that indicated you experiment with the switch to find out which setting worked the best, but my memory is pretty hazy. I do recall that BFS did love the thing, even more than the Line Rover, its previous favorite line conditioner. I would quite frankly call or e-mail Marigo and ask, these folks in the high end specialty companies are usually very helpful.
Thank you soooo much. I love the darn thing, for a while I thought I was the only one that had one. Even being an older unit I bet its as good as other newer conditioners, Ill email Ron, hope he can help a little more. Thank you Rcprince and Scott!!!!!, Marc, P.S. If anybody else has anything to add please do!!!!