Marigo 3D vs Signature

I own the older Marigo Orpheus Mat. Def improvements on most CDs, but I have problems with the mat on some CDs in the front loading CD drawer. ( the mat is getting roughed up in the process a bit) Was wondering if the newer Marigo mats are thinner, more relaible in this regard and if the standard 3D is an improvement over the older Orpheus mat sonically. I'd hate to spend 199 for the signature mat and not be able to consistently use it and/or it not be a significant improvement over either the Orpheus and or newer standard 3D. I know this is a somewhat subjective topic. I worte to Marigo labs and didnt get a response.
Thanks in advance.
I have bought the different generations of Marigo CD mats, as they periodically came up for sale on Audiogon, and elsewhere.
The latest Signature mat is most revealing of details you wouldn't even realize were captured by the recording engineer, and there is no straining to hear the difference.
Although I have not measured thickness, the latest, and greatest, is a structurally thin disc, and my Signature mats never get hung up in any of three different CD drawer mechanisms.
Overall, it is an advance over the predecessor mats of Marigo pedigree, and the physical disc has never seemed too thick, or too thin.
When checking the reviews, just now, I noted Marigo even provides some type of optional CD drawer "little rubber bumpers" in case the thin mat should need to be kept from sliding away from proper position during the customary movements of the CD drawer, in and out.