Marian McPartland

Marian McPartland has passed.
That's unfortunate. Her Piano Jazz program is a great one. R.I.P.
I really enjoyed her piano jazz program for years, so many good musician interviews and the duet performances.She had a very long and productive life.
I'll miss her a lot.
WBGO aired her series. The longest line I ever witnessed at our local Jazz club was when she was performing. A real class act, she was a who's who of whom she played with. She took time out to talk with me!! The Jazz stories she has for herself. :)
A real Lady and musician who will be greatly missed.
Truly makes me sad.
My jazz education was at the hands and through the voice of Marian McPartland. I spent many, many hours listening to her over the years (27 to be exact), often on Saturday night at 8:00 with my ritual Piano Jazz gin and tonic in hand. She was the best and will be sorely and sadly missed.
She will be greatly missed. Great pianist and I loved her show. Some of the interviews she did were legendary including with Bill Evans.
I was saddened to hear that she's gone. Really enjoyed her Piano Jazz program and had the good fortune to see/hear her live a while back.
Great memories from Piano Jazz.
So sad to hear of her passing! She was an amazing musician, who loved what she did. What a wonderful life she had, and with so many dear, true friends.... How could any person ask for more?
Bojack, you comment was just touching even among all the other lovely ones. Thank you.
Her music brought so much joy to so many lives. RIP
In addition to her musical talents, the way she handled herself on air told a lot about the quality of the person.
I loved her repore she had with her guests. She was so candid and you could learn a lot from her interviews. I remember when she had Dizzy on her show and how Dizzy started talking about the birth of bebop. Oh how I loved this. Oh and Dizzy even played the piano.