Mariah Acoustics Speakers - Any Info?

I managed to pick up a pair of Mariah Acoustics Model 1 bookshelf speakers at the weekend. All I know is that they were made in the '80s by a company near Woodstock in upstate New York. Does anybody have any more info/specs about these speakers, and how they were rated by audiophiles at the time?

Many thanks.
For those interested, I contacted the last owner of Mariah Acoustics re. the bookshelf speakers I picked up. They are not the Model 1's as I first believed, but are called the Thimble. They are based on a 10 inch diameter cylinder design and are 15.5 inches tall with solid oak tops and bottoms. Here is what Bill had to say about them:

"Retail on the Thimbles was I believe 299.$. WAY too INexpensive, should have been 999 or so, kind of like todays TOTEM. They are a 2-way design, sealed enclosure, 6'" woofer, 1" vifa soft dome, internal monster cable, good 5 way binding posts, close tolerance top quality crossover parts."
They sound like JR149s on a budget. The former were great little speakers and still have a following.